Friday, April 30, 2010

Rainy Day, Regular Life, and a Jazz Club

"I love New York, how can you not love it here?!" Well, Grocery shopping, thats one reason to not love it here. Oh, sure we have more selection, and cooler stuff than anywhere else, but you have to push or carry it all home...usually in the rain. We took Tammy to Fairway (a market like not other). And, my attempt to get some sympathy fell flat. She loved it. And, while we didn't make her push the cart home, she did carry a bag full of cheese home.

Justin then watched the boys so Tammy and I could go to a Jazz Club. We settled on Smoke (partly because its in a really familiar part of town, so I wouldn't be scared getting home after our 9 o'clock set.) Now, the music was Five Stars. So. Good. Great live jazz, full of body language cues, wonderful faces, great harmonies, and wonderful riffs. The food--well, Tammy's was good. I ordered something that sounded good on the Menu, but the only thing that was the same was the short rib, underneath it was fettuccine, frozen corn, three cherry tomatoes, and starchy water. The rib would have been really good with polenta, mushrooms, and  spinach. The dessert was good, I can recommend the creme brule.

Shortly after the set, a Jam Session started. There was a list, that people wrote their name and instrument on, and then they mixed and matched the players. IT WAS AMAZING. Now, I know Jazz is built on rules. I know that you play the melody once, and then everyone gets a turn to improvise, and then there is a short reprise of the melody. Riffs, cords, recognizable melodies--but, these people hadn't practiced together. It was pretty obvious that some of them were meeting for the first time on stage. We saw Steve Urkel play, he wasn't quiet seasoned yet, and wasn't as aware of the rules of the Jam Session. We saw Prince William, who was very good, and tried to rescue Steve Urkel, but SHONE once he was playing with Amanda (that was her real name--we didn't have to make up a name for her.) There were old men on the bass, and drums. Each Pianist was good with a few really shining. It was really interesting to see the direct correlation between experience/confidence, and silence. The best ones just knew when it was okay to hang back, and during their solos they showed their mastery.

It rained outside, and we sat in our corner of the Jazz club grooving, smiling, and wishing we were good enough to put our name on the list.


Jessica said...

I cannot tell you how completely jealous I am of you two having so much fun without me. While you are grooving out to jazz and going to musicals, and eating awesome food, I am stuck in a classroom full of teenagers and eating school lunch. It is so not fair!

Sandy M. said...

Really sounds like you had a lot of fun!! I can see you both loving it :)


emilysuze said...

What a wonderful night out! I can't imagine living in NYC and having all of these places and events right in your neighborhood. So very cool.

Lark said...

Fairway was my favorite place. Lots of free parking.

Not Mom

Tammy Lorna said...

I love Fairway. How could anyone not?! hahahaha! And I totally love that black-and-white photo. Abby was with me when I saw it, and cracked up laughing - because Justin looks like he's totally struggling with that trolley, and I look like I'm skipping up the hill with my little bag of cheese :) Probably should have made me push the trolley if you REALLY wanted sympathy :)

And Smoke. So. So. So good. I just loved it! Loved. It. If I comment any further, I'll just start repeating everything you wrote. So I'll just concur. (movie?!).

And yes, Prince William TOTALLY rocked! :)

xo Tammy

breckster said...

Catch Me if You Can.