Friday, April 30, 2010

Day of Rest

We took it easy on Sunday, went to church. Our Sacrament meeting was one full of music, short thoughts followed by a hymn. I was asked to conduct the music. "We are going to sing all the verses." I thought my arm was going to fall off after the sacrament hymn, and I had five more hymns to go. Someone must have noticed my waining stamina, because the rest of the meeting my arm was fine. I always think its strange to receive complements on things that just come naturally to me... its not like its hard to conduct music, it just comes naturally. But, if you were one of the people who commented on my mad conducting with flappy sleeve skills, thank you, its a God-given gift, and I enjoy using it.

It was nice to show off our ward to Tammy, and show Tammy off to our Ward. I think she could tell that I talk about her a lot, and was very excited for her holiday because EVERYONE said, "Oh! You're the roommate!" And some even remembered when Sandy and Neil came. :)

I made pizza for dinner, with Alfredo sauce, chicken, roasted peppers, mushrooms, and spinach. Justin requested it--he loves my pizza. It just comes naturally to me.

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Tammy Lorna said...

I think so many things come naturally to you becuase you're WONDERFUL :) Loved the Pizza, and loved the flappy sleeves conducting :) I also thought you looked really really good on Sunday - great outfit - and that you're lesson was really great. You and Justin do a really nice job together.

I'm glad we had that 'day of rest' - I'm thinking we all needed it! haha!

xo Tammy

PS. It was lovely to meet so many of the people in your ward too. At the very least, it was great to put some faces with names so I know the others who comment on your blog :)

PPS. I think our umbrellas photo looks very cool too. Someone should obviously put us both in some crazy french musical from the 1960s.(You know, the kind Justin probably tries to put in your Netflix cue when you're not looking...) lol!