Saturday, May 1, 2010

Washington Heights, More Munros, Emerald City

"Would Bert abandon Ernie?!"

Broadway was calling, and we answered. We went to the matinée of "In the Heights". I will admit that there were doubts on both Tammy and my part, but with the first dance move of Graffiti Pete (William B. Wingfield aka: Will from So You Think You Can Dance), those doubts faded, then quickly disappeared. And while I had been making fun of Corbin Bleu, I had to eat my words. HE WAS GREAT! Totally believable, and right on the whole time. The fusion of genres was so full of energy, the dance was amazing. It was so much fun to watch, and lovely to listen to.

And, now for the secret. The finale made me home sick for New York in the summer. I was on the verge of tears, anticipating missing New York in the summer. I'm saying that it isn't so much that I will miss the hot, sticky, stinky, crowded city, with the occasional open hydrant, and breeze from the Hudson, but that I am scared to death that we still don't have a real plan for our future.

"There's a breeze off the Hudson

And just when you think you're sick of living here
The memory floods in
The morning light, off the fire escapes
The nights in Bennett Park, blasting big pun tapes
I'm-a miss this place, to tell you the truth"

If you have a chance to see it, you should! It is SO good! Accessible, but so full of talent.

Justin met us and we grabbed a Jamba. I tried to dissuade Tammy from the Hershey Factory, because really it just looks cool on the outside, but she insisted--and like the NYC lover she is, she loved it. I will admit that it does smell good in there. We peeked into the Fossil store (Justin has a watch that needs a new battery so we were doing some research) Tammy found the bag of her dreams, but the price tag won, and she left the store empty handed. Tammy, did you find it Duty Free? We went over to the M&M store, I always find it amazing all the stuff that they can put M&M's on to sell. Really. And, the mirrors make you look so small, that eating the three stories of M&M's seems like a possibility.

We met Tammy's Uncle and Aunt there, and went to Famous Famiglia for dinner.
Then it was time for Tammy and I to see Wicked. She has seen it a few times in the last year, and I had seen it in LA with Jessica (5 years ago 5?!!), but the bright lights of Broadway are hard to ignore. The Gershwin theater is HUGE, not ornate and fancy like most others, leaning toward an industrial theme. We had a pretty hilarious usher in our section that yelled at people taking photos, and then said, "Welcome to the Gershwin Theater." And then the show started, and we were both happy to be seeing it again.

Jess, I have not forgotten about the "Changed for Good" deal.

It was Amazing. Both leads were great, and the ensemble was wonderful. There was even a big girl (big meaning me in college big). Goosebumps, and huge grins, and voice envy were produced. We left with the songs bursting out of us, looking for dessert. We ended up picking up some icecream to share with Justin so he wouldn't feel completely left out.

It was a wonderful vacation day for me. And, while it would have been ideal to have Justin there, it was so good to spend the day with Tammy. The shows couldn't have been better, and we couldn't have had more fun.


Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

Fun fact--- Mandy Gonzales who played Elphaba is actually the ORIGINAL Nina from In The Heights! I was so happy when I recognized her. She was incredible in both. Love her. It was fun to run into you girls after this adventure! I'm never going to let my visitors read your blog--- You're a WAY better hostess.

Tammy Lorna said...

If I was Bert, I would NEVER abandon Ernie!

SUCH a wonderful wonderful wonderful day. The ONLY thing that could have possibly made this day any better would be two MORE shows! haha! I'm totally addicted to broadway, and I concur with every single one of your comments about both musicals - especially the usher in Wicked comment. So great :)

xo Tammy

PS. Went to give the M&M socks Abby, and was reminded that with her webbed toes she wouldn't actually be able to wear them - haha! So I gave them to bethany :) The twins love their M&M t-shirts too :)

Tammy Lorna said...

PS. And good thing I got the Clinique at Macys, as the Duty Free at Terminal 7 at JFK was TERRIBLE. Hardly anything there! They didn't even have any cameras or Fossil Handbags.

Oh well. Abby tells me there's a big fossil outlet store down on the Gold Coast. Trust me, I'll be visiting! :)

xo Tammy