Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Jordan's Friday

We got to Times Square earlier Friday morning and waited in line to get tickets for Promises, Promises. Then it was over to the East Side for a Museum day. We first made a stop at the Society of Illustrators, the exhibit wasn't my favorite, but the art in the bathrooms were great, and the hallway has photos from the early 1900 of the society costume balls which were very entertaining.

We walked down Madison Ave to get to the bus stop Jordan loves this ruffle tummy.

I had packed a lunch which we ate at the ancient playground in central park. I took the chance to feed Simeon and Reuben got some running in. Jordan was kind enough to follow him around because this playground has some really good hiding spots. Reuben got a turn on the tire swing, Jordan pushed him and he was flying, then he was interrupted when two east siders got on with him. Their dad was "pushing" the Reuben and these two much older kids, when the dad finally left Jordan gave them a real push, and the two kids started screaming and crying "I can't take it! I can't take it!" Well, wimpy kids, don't get on the swing with a kid that you saw going fast, that's what I have to say. Jordan had to stop the swing.

Then we walked over to the Met. Reuben was not happy, because those kids ruined the last few minutes of his park time by making it so he couldn't fly.

We hit the illuminated manuscripts special exhibit, the Medieval Room, The American Wing, The Musical Instruments, the Asian Wing, European Painting. Then Jordan took Reuben with the "Start with Art" people. Its a program they have for children 4 and up on Fridays at 4:30. They had to leave early, but I'm thinking I'll try to hit it a few more times before we move.

Below is Jordan's Boyfriend:

We went back to our Neighborhood and had Middle Eastern food for dinner with Justin. And Jordan and I went down to see Promises, Promises. There is a Crumb's right next to the theater so we picked up some cupcakes before the show. It was a cute show, but I don't know if I would have liked it as much if it had different actors. Jordan and I got home at 11:30, to a sleeping apartment, and ate the cupcakes.


ndmunro said...

Hi Guys

Just to let you know that we think about you often and are so grateful for your kindness to us while we stayed in NY. We feel a little envious of Tammy heading your way soon. So many nice memories. It's always great to see the photos on your blog and watch the boys grow.

Love from Neil & Sandy

Talyn said...

I always think the moms at the park are giving pansy pushes on the tire swing. Alena never complains though, but she never laughs and says "this is fun!" unless I give her a real push.

There was a ten year old boy swinging next to Alena on a regular swing last week. He was pumping himself. Then his dad yelled to him that that was "high enough!"
I think if you can pump that high, you should be allowed to.

Sandy M. said...

I love the art. And I love that the art in the bathrooms helped make up for the exhibit :)
I like the tummy ruffle too.


Tammy Lorna said...

I really loved this post. But I'll love it more when it's titled 'Tammy's Thursday' :) Am missing you heaps and heaps - Provo's not QUITE as fun without you all :) Can't WAIT to see you both. Had a lovely evening with the Parkin's tonight, and we all spoke about how much we missed you :) They send their love.

xo Tammy