Friday, April 9, 2010

Jordan's Saturday

This is the largest Rosette Window in the United States, and the second largest in the world. The center is 5 foot 7 (life size) The circumference of the window is 124, which was on purpose because 1+2+4=7, and 7 is a special number. We found this out by listening to the tour that we didn't know about, otherwise I would have pushed us out the door earlier so Jordan could go on it.

This is the window in the communication bay. Each scene is some kind of communication. You will see in the lover right corner a man, and a woman using the radio. This was the contemporary form of communication when the windows were made. But, because they wanted the windows to be timeless they did some research of the pattens and found out about a box that would project an image and sound so they included it to the upper right of the radio diamond. 

We were lucky enough to find both peacocks in the gardens. We picked up salads from West Side Market, and rushed home to watch General Conference for four hours straight. Justin went to the priesthood session, we put the boys to sleep and Jordan and I made some earrings.
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Tammy Lorna said...

Peacocks! Our next door neighbours have a yard full of peackocks. They bought them for their daughters wedding, and then they were stuck with them :) They're beautiful, but stupid birds, that often manage to fly into our backyard and then can't get back home again. There has been more than one raining sunday morning spent chasing those birds out of our yard, onto the street, and then back into their yard - all in our pajamas :)
And when we first moved in there, we saw the female bird (which is brown, and not pretty), and we thought it was a 'native myer bird' - it was very exciting - lol! We also thought there was a child next door calling for 'help', because that's the sound the peacocks make :)

Okay - that's everything I know about peacocks - lol!

Love you - can't wait to see you again!
xo Tammy

Natalie said...

You take such beautiful photos, Brecken.

Looks like fun! You guys have some cool adventures. :)

Dani said...

so gorgeous.

Sandy M. said...

Brecken, where are the stained glass photos taken? Neil and I visited a cathedral there but it was night-time and we didn't get back to see the windows in the day. They are beautiful!
I like the peacocks next door. They used to call out 'he-lp!' but then changed to 'Ne-il!' :) We have a collection of their beautiful feathers.
Your boys are SO photogenic! :)