Monday, April 5, 2010

Jordan's Thursday

First on the list was Times Square in hopes of some Broadway tickets. We ultimately decided to try for Friday. And that is when I made the fatal mistake. Jordan had left her camera battery charging in Utah, and I just thought how sad that would be for me if I had to done that and suggested we go look into a battery. B&H was closed due to passover, so we went into a camera store in Times Square-mistake number one. I shut down the salesman tell him I was from here, and then he attacked Jordan. I stayed with the stroller and Reuben while she followed him to the batteries. He gave her a price... she thought I heard him. She bought it. I forgot that I learned how to say no since I moved here. We were going to return it, but the store in true Times Square fashion will not make returns, only exchanges.

Then it was off to Fashion Ave. We hit H&M, and Macy's for a restroom. After the sting of the battery incident wore off Jordan started to have fun. She bought a few things, including a black shirt with fluttery lace, that she loves, but doesn't know if she'll wear it in Utah because its a little fashion forward.

We then went to 6th Ave to the bead store so I could get some things to fix her Christmas gift. We ended up buying stuff to make more earrings.

Little Italy for lunch. We went to a place that I can never remember the name of, but is delicious. I had a pesto, turkey, smoked mozzarella, and tomato sandwich on their very good italian bread. Jordan had a slice, and a mozzarella and tomato salad. Then we went over to Chinatown. Bought a few things, because that is what happens in chinatown.

We decided that the Staten Island Ferry would be the way to see the statue of liberty. It is free, and doesn't take four plus hours, only one and half at most. We got there right as a ferry was leaving, and enjoyed the ride over to staten island... on the wrong side. We got off and opted to wait for the next ferry so we could get a spot. If she was going to be here for longer, I would have taken her to Liberty and Ellis Island, but for free the ferry wasn't disappointing.

We have a question, is that staten island ferry part of passover events, or is it just a thing to do during passover vacation? The ferry had a whole bunch of Jewish families riding, and not just a few, it they made up almost half of the people waiting on staten island. It just made us wonder.

Jordan says she is not photogenic, but I say look at that. 

The sun was setting as we got back to Manhattan. We had survived the day out with only one disappointment. Justin made us spaghetti for dinner while we rested our feet, and I nursed a poor baby who had been trapped in a stroller all day.


Courtlin said...

did you get to go to a show?

Sandy M. said...

Some great pictures Brecken, and that one on Reuben is amazing!
I'm glad you are having fun :)