Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Brooklyn Bridge, City Hall Park, Chinatown, Little Italy

We took at easy morning, and headed down to Brooklyn. We had lunch at Heights Falafel. Its on Henry St. between Pineapple and Orange, and it is the BEST Falafel I have ever had, and the meats are good too. I highly recommend it, its a little hole in the wall, but it is obvious that most of the costumers are regulars.

Then we hit the Brooklyn Bridge. I love the history, it makes me feel like things last, and matter, and that you can improve life around you through sacrifice, hard work, ingenuity, and persistence.

I will tell you that this was the first time we let Reuben walk across it, and my fears of bridges came on pretty strong.

Then to the starbucks to used the restroom, and across the street to the City Hall Park.  It is a tiny patch of green in the overwhelming city-ness of that area.

There is this beautiful fountain right in the center. Which will forever hold a great story.

Here is the photo story:

Reuben walked the edge. I told him to stop. I told him not to do it again. I was clear. I explained that he could fall in, and we had more plans for the day, and being wet would not be good for those plans. He ignored me. He made it three quarters of the way around when he started to run to regain balance. Tammy and I had seen him do this successfully before...but this time he was unsuccessful. He was running, then he was up to his neck in water, scrambling out. Tammy and I couldn't stop laughing. Tammy conintued to click photos, and I did head over to help him. The man you see walking towards Reuben in the in-the-fountain photo was a little shocked that we were laughing so hard. "Are you okay, kid! Are you okay?" Reuben's response: "That was really deep." He spent the rest of the day in his windbreaker, and the wet underwear, because no amount of wringing was going to dry those clothes enough. He wasn't hurt, just wet, and what else was there to do other than laugh. And, I had warned him, so he was asking for it.

We went to Chinatown. Reuben sat quietly in the stroller, showing off way too much leg.

We went to Little Italy. We picked up some Gelato, which was very good. (notice the sugar free and fat free part) And our last stop of the day was to get some Italian bread for dinner.

All in all, it was a wonderful day.


Tammy Lorna said...

Brecken! I had no idea you were scared of bridges! How could you hide that from me?! Maybe I just was too busy looking at NY's skyline to notice... sorry! :( On the upside - you were very brave about the whole thing ;)

ALMOST as brave as R was when he hit that water. Oh my - I haven't laughed that hard since the Mexican Banana Boat incident :) I'm laughing again now just LOOKING at those photos. What a crackup! And yeah - you totally get to laugh and still be a good monther, because you DID warn you - I heard you - even if you 'didn't say please' and he 'couldn't hear you very well' :)

Thanks for another wonderful day! I LOVED it :)

xo Tammy

Sandy M. said...

Wonderful photos :) Beautiful flowers! Beautiful children with beautiful smiles :)
Great photo story! Sensible mother to take off the wet things and make do :) Good day to wear those shoes...
You're trying not to, but you still sound guilty! lol I really don't think you need to, at all!
It looks like you all had another very happy day :)

Love to all :)

Abby said...

Gorgeous photos! :) And nice that you've been able to visit New York, China and Italy all in one day! :)

Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

I'm so glad you caught that on camera!!! What a classic story. How I love Reuben!

Erika Hill said...

Good thing there aren't any signs outside stores that say, "No pants, no service"! Seriously, doesn't that seem like a huge oversight? I can get something wearing a shirt and shoes but no pants?

That story made me laugh out loud, which I don't do when I'm at home alone very often.

emilysuze said...

I love the picture of the boys smiling with the flowers. How do you manage to get both smiling and looking at the camera at the same time?!? Genius! :)

I think you should devote an entire scrapbook page to R's pantless NY adventure. That story is going to follow him for the rest of his life! lol

Kay Jones said...

After raising 4 boys (plus 5 girls) to adulthood, the dip in the fountain brought back memories, and I've had a really good laugh about it. I'm so glad you had the thought to take photos. Something to use for 'blackmail' when Reuben is dating! LOL This is really choice!

Mindy said...

That is such a great photo story. I kept "reading" it over and over...then called Chad over. He will definitely remember that one huh.
Hope to see you home this summer. Chad's folks get back mid-May.

Jennsie said...

Wow what great pictures. I laughed when i saw Ruben fell into the well. Bless him.

Looks and sounds like you guys are having so much fun. Tammy you look really good in these pictures. It looks like it's warm there, it's gotten cold here. Oh well, should get warmer soon.

Klous Family said...

I am so sorry but I can't stop laughing!! This is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time!! Poor poor boy! Bet he'll listen next time though! :)
Your kids are just absolutely adorable! And what fun adventures you have been having in NY lately! Beautiful pictures! :)