Thursday, April 22, 2010

Times Square

After much discussion and a little research we were off to fulfill the one pre-desired aspect of Tammy's time in New York--seeing something (or things) on Broadway. We left early in the morning (9 AM) to get in the rush tick line for Lend Me a Tenor. Then go buy the other tickets for the rest of the week. We were sucessful, and rushed home to eat lunch, and get the boys to our friends (who agreed to watch them) so Justin could go with us.

Lend Me a Tenor is HILARIOUS! Seriously, laughing out loud, through out the whole thing, and then laughing thinking about it. It is a play, not a musical, although there are a few outbursts of song. Tony Shalhoub is as good as you expect him to be. Anthony LaPaglia lies still on a bed for a good hour, still, and we kept checking on him to see if he moved... it must have been agony. And, Justin Bartha is wonderful. The Women are all great as well, especially the Italian wife. Tammy will hopefully have time to give you a better review, but I say, Go see it!

Then Tammy and I had our only little girl's night. We returned to Cafe Lalo, in a light rain. As we perused the menu, nothing in the dinner section really spoke to us, everything sounding good but not all the way there. Then, finally after reading through the dinner menu three times it hit us, I got to say it first, "This is a vegetarian place." We ordered Guacamole, and a spinach torte. It was delicious, but we ran out of time to get dessert, and looking back we should have just got dessert.

Then it was off to see Mary Poppins, which I will never tire of. I love that play! Tammy, seemed to enjoy it as well. We got home late, exhausted but happy. Both wishing that we were fully using our talents, and wondering if we have time to fit in one more musical.


Sandy M. said...

at that last photo, coming after your last sentence Brecken. It's a good start, I'm sure! :) I LOVE little Reuben's foot up in the air! Simeon's underplaying it well, isn't he :)
I love that you are having such a great time. Having just gotten off the phone to Tammy after 5 happy hours of 'catch-up', I'm thrilled that you are having so much fun, and such a good time together :)

Thank you Brecken! :)
Can I contribute to your 'One-Day-Australia-Holiday-Fund'?


Lisa Brown said...

I just bought tickets to see Mary Poppins with Lily when it comes to NC this summer - I can't wait!!!