Friday, November 13, 2009


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Yesterday, while we were on our way home Reuben started to run when we got to our block. His backpack bounced up and down forcing him to raise his arms out like wings so the backpack felt more secure. His hair flipped all around as he wabbled his head from shoulder to shoulder. He took up the whole sidewalk with is serpentine. His too-short pants would fall down from his hips, and his wingspan would quickly fly back to yank up his pants.

We have had a very pleasant few days. Like most parenting dilemmas I'm not sure what changed, or even if it was him or me that made the change. The "I hate you"'s have been replaced with "I love you"'s. The screaming and crying breakdowns have been few and far between, and equally directed at daddy and mommy.

Reuben says he "loves me first." When I say, "I love you first, too." he says, "NO YOU LOVE ME 40!" When I ask what that means he says "It MEANS we love each other."

Our new favorite game is the echo game but only saying "I love you" with different inflections and tonalities.

In other good news I found a doctors office that accepts medicaid that is clean, efficient, with good nurses and doctor. Simeon's 2 month appointment was scheduled at 10. I got there at 9:35 because we were new patients and had to fill out paper work. We did the vitals at 9:55, saw the doctor at 10:05, went back to wait for the shots (three shots-poor baby legs). I stayed after the shots to nurse him, walked over to the train, waited for the train, got on the train, checked the time after 4 stops at it was only 11. We will all be switching to doctors at that office.


Amber F said...

Frankly, that dr. office sounds too good to be true! I'm never that lucky, and we certainly don't live in NYC. I'm glad that Reuben decided that he loves you again...that's a nice feeling. My kids hate me too, if it makes you feel any better.

Heidi said...

Congrats on the DR!!! I think I need your info :) Way to endure the crazy times, you deserve some good medical experiences here. :)

Marsdinis said...

Congrats on finding a decent doc in the city! Truly a gem! Reuben is such a cutie is so big! Also loving the pics of your new little one. You have a wonderful attitude and are a great mommy.

Sandy M. said...

Happy days! Very happy for you :)