Monday, November 16, 2009

Christmas In New York

The store fronts are getting ready for Christmas, so Reuben pushed hard enough and we started decorating for Christmas. We are staying in the city this year, and we are hoping to make it magical. (So mommy and/or daddy don't miss being with family, and so Reuben has some vague memories of Christmas in New York.)

So... I need suggestions. What are the best things you've done in the city for christmas? We are on a tight budget, but are willing to shell out for a few special things. I want to do an advent calendar but instead of gifts have an activity each day.

This is what I have so far:

  • Bronx Zoo wild winterland
  • Department store walking tour
  • Botanical Garden train show
  • Metropolitan Museum Tree (they did it last year but we didn't make it, I haven't checked if it will be up this year.)
  • Ice Skate (leaning toward bryant park)
  • ABC Carpet and Home Santa (this one you can take your own picture)
  • Nutcracker
  • Grand Central Station (I think there is something there but I'll have to check.)
  • Rockefeller center tree on a day we can get up to it.
That means I need 10 more! So, what have you done in the past, what do you plan to do?


New York Nelsons said...

You've pretty much got it covered! There is a model train set up at the museum in Grand Central and there is a another big free model train set up at the citi center (around 53rd and Lex (I think)

Morgan said...

we actually took our own pic with santa at macy's last year. they let us after they took the professional one.

dude, we'll brave the rockefeller tree lighting with you. you might need a tag team to get a decent spot!

last year grand central had a train display in a store and then they had a laser light show to christmas music in the main entrance. i really liked it and so did asher.

radio city rockettes. i am pretty sure that you can find cheap student tickets for this at some point. i want to go too, so i'll keep a lookout for you. it's supposed to be a great show for kids.

we also saw wintuk last week which is fun. may be a little pricey...

you could also see the musical white christmas... again, i'll let you know if i find some discount tickets.

you can tell what i'm interested in! ;)

we are leaving on the 4th but are going to try to fit in some tree lightings and shows before we go.

Mindy said...

That's almost too busy for I'd stay home one night and have wasail/apple cider.

Heidi said...

Amen to these! I love the ideas and we've been planning some of the traditional activities for before the baby comes...over the next three weeks. We'd love to join the group going to some of them :)

Here are a few of our family ideas for the holidays:
- walk 5th Ave to see the decorated windows
- go to the "Big" Toy Store
- walk Columbia campus to see lights (when is the grand lighting?)
- make a ginger bread house

Happy holiday planning!