Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Silly, I know.

So, I love to read Design Mom. Honestly, who of us mommy bloggers doesn't? If I had money I would be like Design Mom.

She posted a love song that is by one of Justin's friends. And not like Justin met him twice and remembered his name, they really know each other. So, now I'm two degrees away from Design Mom: Justin. Drew. Design Mom. Now I wish that I knew more of Justin's friends so I could be just one degree away.


Tammy Lorna said...

I've never heard of Design Mum :)

But I know (well, knew) Drew too... so that makes me one degree from design mum too! And it makes you 2 degrees from design mum TWICE! (Actually, probably way more than twice, since you know lots of us who know/knew Drew).

Very silly, but lots of fun (like most silly things are).

Hope you're having a good week,
xo Tammy

emily kate said...

I met Design Mom when I helped my friend Kiasa do a science party for her daughter when they lived in Westchester. And you've met me. So you can say you're one step closer to Design Mom if you want! (Haha!) No really though, she's super cool and I'd love to be in her ward! And her kids really are as precious as they look on the blog. Really sweet family.