Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lost in Austen

I've made no secret of the fact that I don't like Austen. This includes most of the movies based on Austen, except for Sense and Sensibility.

I especially dislike Pride and Prejudice the movies. Mostly because I don't need to watch a movie completely composed of eating and dancing. And, also because I HATE Darcy. Now, you Darcy lovers hear me out: He never adequately apologizes for his pride and prejudice before she commits her love to him.

My parents suggested we watch Lost in Austen. So, we did. Justin loved it because of its time travel among other things. I liked it because Darcy apologizes. You can't beat a good apology, well I guess you can by not doing things that require apology in the first place.


Morgan said...

but he does apologize to bingley who he equally wronged, if not more because he is his best friend. darcy is proud and the fact that he softened and made an effort, as well as the efforts he made towards her sisters (both jane and lidia) i think serve as realization of wrong. she never apologized to him either. but actually, they both kind of do when they are walking in the park and they both say the things they said were attrocious.

how could you not love emma? i think it is hilarious! hmmm... maybe i will watch that tonight! ;)

anyway... i totally love austen movies. i have only read a few of the books, which i enjoyed. i am a sucker for romance though.

i will have to look into this movie.

Lark said...

Elizabeth had the prejudice and Darcy had the pride. They both needed to apologize. After seeing about four different versions I find Darcy likable in some but not all.

Sandy M. said...

I LOVE reading Austen!
The movies are independently ok - but boy, do they annoy me when they stray from the real spirit of Austen!!
(I like Darcy too :)

Demi Lovato said...

He apologizes off screen, crazy. But, first he does a whole lot of really expensive, difficult things to make up for being a bonehead.

If you want to dislike a story about a bumbling idiot...dislike Becoming Jane. That sorry excuse for a lawyer who follows her around isn't worth anyone's time.

Kirstin said...

I think it depends on my mood, whether I like Austen or not. I found a new good like: Elizabeth Gaskell's North and South. There is a 2004 BBC edition that I really like because they both have major conflicts that they know each other have and they both work through and accomplish them. Plus, Thornton serves more of a purpose than just Margaret's love/hate romantic fantasies. I'd love to hear your opinion of it. I like how you base your opinions of things. I don't always agree, but that makes it fun, right?

Mick said...

He's filthy rich. He doesn't have to apologize. Whatsername gets a big house to clean and a mopey husband. serves her right.

Rachel said...

I didn't like "Lost in Austen" as much as I'd hoped, but I don't regret watching it. Funny you should write about it. I'd seen it a bit back, but it was trailered on "Phoebe in Wonderland," which I watched last night. THAT was a good movie (despite the f-bomb-- why, oh, why must it make its way into perfectly decent movies?).