Wednesday, November 18, 2009

the cure

alt 20091117 001

Reuben asks to hold Simeon from time to time. When he gets bored he finds me to ask if Simeon is awake. When Simeon cries Reuben tries desperately to make him stop by talking to him, or laughing to him.

Instead of taking shower when I wake up before Simeon, I've been cuddling with Reuben. Just him and me. It means I don't get a shower every day, but it seems to be the cure to our problem. You make sacrifices for your children, showering isn't too much to give up.


Sandy M. said...

Simeon is looking so much bigger! I love the photograph - it's a great 'brothers' shot :) Simeon looks so much at home with Reuben.

The Jones :) said...

That picture is priceless Brecken!! I love their expressions and whatever they're looking at must be REAL interesting!! I appreciate this post and want you to know that I've needed to work on this as time to ALL the kids...including the belly...we'll see how it goes. Thanks for the reminder!! Love you and think about you lots!!