Monday, August 10, 2009

Jury Duty

I made the easiest 40 dollars I've ever made. I sat in an air conditioned room watching episodes of Numbers on netflix and knitting a baby bootie. Granted it wasn't the most comfortable sitting--I couldn't elevate my feet so now they are the size of watermelons (okay only cantaloupe.) It did take an hour and half to get there, and two hours to get home, it could only taken an hour but I am not taking trains anymore, but thats for another post. There was only one case that needed jurors today, and luckily my name wasn't called to be in that pool.

Tomorrow I might not be so lucky, but I am going to get there early so I get a seat by an outlet again, and pray and pray that I don't get selected for a jury. That way I can watch more episodes, and finish the other bootie. (If I do get selected I would have to reschedule my thursday appointment with the midwife, and that could mean waiting a whole nother week--which would be fine, but no one has even tried to feel if he is pointing the right direction and its about time I knew if he was or not.)

Civic duty is pretty nice when you are unemployed and wishing you had a little wiggle room in the budget so you knew for sure you could take a taxi to the hospital when you are in labor, and your husband is available to watch your son because it is summer time, and you don't actually have to DO anything but go to a really far away courthouse and sit there from 8:30 to 12:30 and 2 to 3:30.

Here's hoping that tomorrow is another easy 40 bucks.


Dani Grigg said...

I was this close to jury duty last month. i was looking forward to the vacation from work. but no such luck.

charrette said...

Sounds like a great way to spend the day!

Sandy M. said...

Do you think you might be able to knit the other bootie even if you are called?.. :) Probably not, but here's hoping for you that you are able to have another pleasant day :) I think you ought to point out the cantaloupe situation (we call them rockmelon) to the official persons and try for a cushion-covered chair to put your legs up :)

I really am quite interested in the 'not taking trains anymore' storyline... will wait to hear more.

Tammy Lorna said...

Yay for Jury duty! I've always wanted to do Jury duty, but the 2 times I was called, I was living in another country :(
I always imagine it's really exciting (obviously I'm being swayed by movies and tv), so I'm not surprised you had a good day :)

Here's to another one just like it tomorrow!
xo Tammy

Erika Hill said...

If you ever do decide you want to get out of it, you could always pull a Tina Fey and show up dressed as Princess Leia...or, since you're pregnant, you could go as Natalie Portman (is it bad that I didn't immediately remember her character name?) and say that you're carrying Luke and Leia...