Sunday, August 16, 2009

Week in Review

Tuesday was a challenging day. I left for jury duty, and took the same bus route, expecting it to take an hour and half. Everything was going smoothly until the bus driver of the last bus I was on yelled, "Last stop." And I was at least a mile away from where I needed to be. Turns out that the M1 and the M1 Limited have different routes, and I was on the wrong M1. So I got off, and realized that I was in the wrong place to catch a bus that would get me to jury duty. I called Justin, who very kindly became my GPS. I got to the right bus stop, and waited for a 20 minutes. But, then I missed my stop. I noticed Canal Street (its pretty hard not to notice Canal Street) but for some reason didn't get off at the next stop which was White Street. The stop after that I noticed the Dunkin' Donuts and thought, I should get off here and buy some breakfast and walk the rest of the way, but I didn't because I didn't want to be tempted by donuts, and too expensive juice. So I stayed on the bus, until it was clearly obvious that I was way off. I walked the 6 blocks, stopped at the Dunkin' Donuts bought a bagel and egg, and too expensive juice, and called my trusty GPS, who reassured me that if I walked 4 more blocks I would make it. Then I waited in line to get into the courthouse.

I listened to the This American Life podcast, and worked on my bootie, then started watching Numb3rs and worked on my bootie. And then at noon they released us, saying I had done my duty and sat in that air conditioned room for long enough. (Really, the actual jury duty was better than the getting to and from jury duty.)

I waited for the bus, and made it home by 2:30.

And then it was off to my birthing class. Which was just fine, but Justin didn't come with me because we had procrastinated finding a babysitter. (I hate asking for favors, especially when in a few weeks we are going to need more than our share.)

After class (8:15) I went to the bus stop. After 15 minutes of waiting, two missionaries walked up to the stop. I mustered a smile in their direction, and they started walking over to me. Before they could open their mouth, I said, "Hi, Elders." They weren't very good at hiding their disappointment and realizing that I already knew what they where and probably wasn't going to be that last ditch effort of the day. Their bus came almost immediately so I didn't have to talk to them. And I waited, and at 8:50 after two scheduled buses didn't come, I finally was really on my way home.

Wednesday, I let my feet return to their natural shape and size. Thursday, I went to the doctor, left at 1:45 for a 3:00 appointment, but didn't get seen until 5:15. Justin was working (for pay) so I had Reuben with me for those torturous hours of waiting, and he did wonderfully until about 4:45 when he started complaining he was hungry and wanted to go home. The good news is I officially switched to a midwife, Simeon is in position, and now all we have to do is wait. We were done with my appointment at 5:45, and caught the bus two minutes after we got to the stop. Friday, Justin left for San Diego, and the rest of the weekend has been spent replying to "Where's Daddy?" and "When is Daddy coming home?"

Uneventful, rather boring, and that is why I haven't written. I'm feeling great, but it is because I am refusing to push myself into not feeling good. I'll start that next week by following the urge to make room for the baby, and find and wash the baby clothes, and pack a bag for the hospital. Justin gets home on Monday and if he has time he will post about his trip, but he has some more "paying jobs" on Tuesday and Wednesday, and a move-in on Thursday.

I'm thinking Simeon should share a birthday with Jordan (Aug 25th), or maybe share our engagement anniversary (Aug 30th). I've been telling him that my birthday is off limits, and I'd rather him wait, than force me to share my birthday. But, I'm betting he's gonna wait until the 9th, because if you could choose your birthday you would choose 09-09-09 too, admit it.

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Tammy Lorna said...

Brecken! I'm so sorry about all of those horrible waiting hours at bus stops and uncomfortable waiting rooom chairs :( I'd hate to be coping with all that - and of course i'm not even carrying a Simeon :) as much as we both know I love NY (lol), I have to admit that life in the burbs would maybe be just a tad easier...

I'm glad the baby is in position though, and i'm glad you are 'feeling good-ish'. I really wish I could ne there to take Reuben out for the day or something so you could have a well deserved rest, but know that you're in my prayers and that I love you. I'm glad you posted - even if you didn't feel like you had anything to write :)

xo Tammy