Saturday, August 8, 2009

Central Park Zoo

We spent a few hours at the Central Park Zoo today (thank you Zoo membership). We met some friends there who have been in the city for an internship this summer. We had two couples who we considered "friends" in our last ward in Provo, and they were one of them. (Griggs if you are reading you were the other couple.) It was so nice to spend some time with them, but going to the zoo with Reuben means you have to go his pace... which is pretty unpredictable.

Most of the animals were hiding in the shade, but the polar bears were the most active I've ever seen polar bears. One was doing laps back stroke east, breath stroke west. The other pacing back and forth.

Speaking of bears, my mother bear was forced out today. I rarely have to use that instinct, partly because Reuben is rarely in situations where he needs protection, and partly because he is pretty good about taking care of himself. He was feeding a sheep, when some other woman decided that it was her kid's turn to feed that same sheep. Reuben was fine with taking turns, and I was only annoyed because that kid was going to be in my photo. The other kid let the sheep eat some, and Reuben went in for his turn, and an older woman who was with the kid pushed Reuben back. Reuben, being who he is, looked at her and stepped in for his turn, and she pushed him again. The other kid took the chance to feed the sheep, Reuben patiently waited and stepped in to take a turn and the woman did again! I glared at her and said, "He's my son, we happened to be here first, and its his turn. Don't touch him again." The one who seemed to be the mother was so embarrassed and apologized to me, but the older woman just scowled back. Anyway Reuben got his turn, let the other kid have a turn, and then they left.

You could chalk it up to the changes that happen when you become a mother, or to the extra hormones pumping through my veins while I'm pregnant, or the fact that we have lived here long enough that my "Minnesota Nice" has been replaced with whatever it is you call New Yorkers.

Do you want to see what Reuben looked like last summer at the central park zoo?


Tammy Lorna said...

Hi Brecken :)

Been travelling for work a lot lately, so I haven't been able to follow the blogs :(

The zoo looks fabulous as usual, the quote board made me laugh, your birthing post made me say a prayer for you (really excited for you all though!), and the Wedding post (of course) made me think of all the NY Movie weddings :)

If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times - I just know I'll love NY if I ever get there! :)

Give Reuben a hug for me!
xo tammy

Lark said...

Look at all the people reflected in the glasses.

Jed and Kate said...

I can't believe that woman! I think what you call New Yorker's is pushy, but usually it isn't children they are pushing...sheesh! I am so glad that you spoke up.

We enjoyed babysitting Reuben the other night. He is such a sweet kid! I get off a little early this week (5 instead of 6), so if you need a free hour or 2 anytime this week, let me know and we'd be happy to watch him again.

Dani Grigg said...

Griggs are reading this! sounds fun. polar bears are my favorite animals.

charrette said...

Hooray for mother bear!

Kevin said...

Way to not get stepped on. Rude people...