Thursday, July 23, 2009

Swimming in a Lake

At the Lake

Where I grew up we swam in lakes. Yes, the water was cold. Yes, there was often seaweed. Yes, there was the occasional fish. Yes, there was the occasional leech. But, there was also that pride that came with making it out deep enough to prove that you weren't afraid of those things. Inch by inch your body could handle that chill, and then get used to it.

Where Reuben is growing up he runs in sprinklers. Yes, you never get immersed in the water. Yes, you can control how much water gets on you. Yes, there aren't any strange water things that could attach themselves to you. But, it makes you a weenie. Weenie, weenie, weenie. (Oscar Meyer even.)

I did manage to get Reuben out in the water. No hair wet. Barely his shoulders wet. He also cried and begged to go play in the sand for most of the time. When I finally got him to relax and let me just hold his arms he was shocked that his legs and bum floated to the surface. "The water is just doing that to me!" I don't want a Michael Phelps, I just want a kid who isn't a weenie.

If we have to live where kids don't get to swim in lakes, I need to get that kid swimming lessons before he thinks he's afraid of swimming. I was afraid of swimming until I was in 7th grade, and that is a lot of wasted years of wet happiness. (I'm still afraid of heights and bridges, but you can't learn how to tread heights, and I usually don't hyperventilate when crossing bridges anymore.)

(Alena even walked out until she was wet to her shoulders--by herself.)


Kevin said...

As of 3 months ago, Alena didn't really like the water and wouldn't even stand on the sand because she would get dirty. Since then, she's been swimming loads of times, in both pools & the ocean, and she's a lot more comfortable. I bet Reuben will get used to it.

Marydee Moore said...

Can I come to Minnesota next time you go? It looks absolutely breathtaking. Love the photos you took!