Friday, July 24, 2009

Magical Strawberries

StrawberryFilling the BucketTesterPickersCourtlin Strawberry Patch

One of my favorite parts about visiting my grandparents was the fresh berries. Grandpa would wake up extremely early and be out and have picked pounds of berries before we were even awake. We had berries on everything, not to mention the jam, and berry desserts. Somehow berries picked by grandpa just tasted better, and there still is a little sadness in my heart when I eat a store bought berry hoping for magic, and get when you get when you eat a store bought berry.

We were lucky that there were still berries because its the end of the season here, but there were, and we got some. Because I'm not the most graceful squatter right now (not that I ever am, but I'm better at hiding it when I'm not this big), I was the photographer. Jordan helped Reuben fill a bucket. Talyn helped Alena. Grandpa helped Courtlin.

We didn't pick a ton, just enough for short cake last night, and berries for breakfast. Just enough to have the experience but not wish we hadn't done it. (Granted I wasn't picking.)

Photo note: They aren't sour... that one was just too big to fit into Reuben's mouth without scrunching up his whole face.

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Sandy M. said...

Do you have a berry farm Breckon?
Looks wonderful!