Friday, July 24, 2009


Courtlin Bubble Bubble Chaser IIBubble Chaser IBubble BlowersGrandpa BubbleReuben Bubble IBubble Popper

2 Cup Water
1/2 Cup Dish Soap
2 small Glugs of Karo Syrup

(then we watered it down a little)

I went to Walmart yesterday and got two water guns for three dollars, Reuben had a great time squirting whoever he didn't get in trouble for shooting. (Reuben decided to call them Pider Guns when exposed to them at the park a few weeks ago, and has been talking about them non-stop.) We taught him to yell "cease fire" and then hit the deck. It works best when he is on the trampoline. When he got his fill of squirting we blew bubbles with mason jar rings, plastic tubes, and a bent wire hanger.

Reuben's hair was slicked with sugary soap water. Alena kept getting it in her mouth (by sticking her soapy hands in her mouth). Both were able to catch bubbles and hold them in their hands. Reuben yelled at his reflection in the bubble, "Bye Reuben!" before he popped any of them. And then when jumping wasn't fun enough the water gun came back out to pop the bubbles with streams of water.


Lisa Brown said...

Those were some awesome bubbles!

Sandy M. said...

Wonderful memories and pictures!

Mindy said...

That sounds like so much fun!