Sunday, July 26, 2009

Husband, Sweet, Husband

I woke Reuben up a little before 6 AM yesterday. "But, I'm giant tired." I had to explain that we were going to go find daddy. He was willing to do that, but when he understood that meant we were going to leave he said, "But if we leave I will cry."

Reuben and I made it back. He is a very good traveler, and managed to fall asleep during the only time that mommy was going to have trouble keeping her cool. The descent into NY was really bumpy. We started to get little bumps, and Reuben told me he was getting plane sick, so I told him to lean on me and close his eyes, then he was asleep. There was one bump that woke him up, and I'm not sure if it was the bump or me grasping his hand in reaction to it.

Its fabulous to be with Justin again, he is the reason I will just deal with the muggy 80 degree weather, the dirty looking air, the lack of space, the constant hustle and bustle, difficulty of daily life (the fridge is BARE and the freezer is just in its skivvies.) Maybe only Justin will understand how much I love him by what I'm willing to come "home" to.

And now, its time to get ready for baby Simeon.

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Sandy M. said...

Reuben sounds such an interesting person - I wonder what Simeon will be like!? :)