Thursday, July 23, 2009


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Since I've moved away they have made a few changes to the town. One of which is to beautify the area around the river by adding a huge Adirondack chair next two a new library. Since our town thrives on tourism it isn't surprising that they decided to build a huge lawn chair in sight of the main road, it just so happened that while we were there using the tourist attraction, two other people came to take pictures of the huge chair.

(Did you see that Corner Gas where Hank suggests the gophers to improve tourism?)

The weather has been wonderful for a pregnant girl, but not so wonderful for a little boy who has romantic ideas about camping. We've roasted marshmallows now twice in the rain, and finally just set up the tent in the living room. It took him until 11:45 to fall asleep in the tent, but that is where he is right now with Jordan. The plan is to have "flap jacks" in the morning, and before Jordan got sick she was talking about a hike in the woods, so Reuben might be asking about that. He still can't get over stepping out the back door to play in the "park," and loves the fact that he can do it anytime he wants instead of have to wait for Mommy.

Our "reunion" activity for the day was learning to yodel. My Grandma has a secret talent for yodeling that was exploited when she was a girl, so RARELY comes out. I think its ironic that I spent years trying to overcome my break between chest and head voice, and in order to yodel I have to be able to make it noticeable when switching between the two. I'm not sure if practicing is in the future, but maybe I'll start listening to some yodeling.

My mother posted photos from on her blog if you are interested. Some are repeats from the ones I have posted, but some come from other cameras.


emilysuze said...

I love the big red chair! So cute!

Dani Grigg said...

wow, your sister looks JUST LIKE YOU! cool.

Mindy said...

Dang! I forgot to get a picture of the big red we'll have to go back. It looks a LOT bigger than I thought it was.