Saturday, May 23, 2009

Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge

I do love the Statue of Liberty, but considering I went a few weeks ago, and it costs 12 dollars, and Talyn and Kevin planned ahead and got tickets to the monument I let them go alone. Talyn said that with a kid, the monument isn't worth it. They take away your stroller and your bag with snacks, make you stand in line in a hot tent to go through security (a second time) for an hour or so, and then the monument is fine, but not worth the hour of tortue.

Reuben and I went down to South Ferry, where we meet up with Justin who was coming from work, and the tourists. We let the kids play for a bit and grabbed this pretty great photo. Then it was off to walk the Brooklyn Bridge.

Since I am not a fan of Gramaldi's I had looked up a Falafel place near the Clark Street 2 station, and luck was that there was one there. Its called "Heights Falafel" (78 Henry St, between pinapple and orange). That is where we will be going from now on. First of all it was affordable, second of all it was delicious, third it had seating, forth they knew 75% of the costumers on a personal level (and most of them were speaking the right language to be eating falafel.) Justin and I had the falafel combo, and the sish kebab combo. The humus was wonderful, the tabuli was delish, and the main stuff was amazing. You know how falafel can be really oily... well these weren't.

We then searched for a bathroom...but no luck.

So we walked across the bridge. There are some pictures below, and more at my photo blog.

When we got across it was dark, and I saw a green and white shmeer on a building, and sent justin to see if it was a starbucks (trusty place for a bathroom). It was, but bad news someone had flooded it, and they were going to close it. Justin begged them to let me use it, and lucky for them they did. (Other than the having to walk everywhere, and balance on the train, and drag a kid up stairs, and the abundance of horrible smells, the worst part of being pregnant in New York is the absense of restrooms.)

We got home after 9, and left again to grab some groceries.

And then the air conditioner wasn't installed yet in my bedroom so it was DANG HOT.

But it was worth it, because that Falafel was so good, and I got some nice photos.


Lark said...

Your great grandmothers words come to my memory when I see such cute pictures. Ain't "they" sweet!

Kourtney said...

What kind of camera do you have? I am so impressed by the quality.

Tammy Lorna said...

GREAT photo :)And I think it's really exciting that the cheap sunnys are still alive and well. They book look so cool.

Let's go to the falafel place when I come visit - i love that stuff!

xo Tammy