Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lower East Side Food Tour, SoHo, and Guggenheim

We went on a bakery tour, lead by this foodie, of the Lower East Side. Now, if the lower east side weren't such a pain to get to I'd be planning multiple trips down to some new favorites. Justin has plans for a video documenting our tour which included Markets, Cupcake Craze, Bread Renesance, and Gentrification Bakeries. If you are down in the lower east side and need a moist delicious cupcake with good frosting we know a place now(and they are only 1.50 a cupcake). The next stop was gluten free goodness. My Food Network addiction slipped out when we crossed the street and the doughnut factory came into view. They were pretty darn good doughnuts, even the person who doesn't like doughnuts *cough Kevin cough cough* liked them. Then it was on to bread. The "hero from heaven" which was pretty darn heavenly, and the baguette with sandwich filling I have never imagined (Vietnamese) a 6 inch sandwich cost 3.50 and it WAS GOOD. So, now we know where to go in Little Italy. We ended our tour at a french bakery in SoHo, it was good, expensive, but good.

We then walked through SoHo stopping at H&M where Talyn stocked up, and the Scholastic Bookstore. We just so happened to get there about the time of a special Clifford party. Reuben was in heaven, and was so excited to be there. I found a packet for Reuben's and my summer letter plan, and Reuben is going to have sweet dreams of a big red dog.

We then went up to the Guggenheim for the "pay what you want" hours. The Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit is WONDERFUL. You need to go while its up, seriously, and maybe even pay money to see it. Talyn won't say that because she was struggeling with a crying child.


Sandy M. said...

Looks like you had a really fun day :)

Kourtney said...

Oh man, you're making me hungry... yumm...

Tammy Lorna said...

I used to LOVE Clifford the big read dog!

Every time someone comes to visit you and you post touristy photos, I start saving harder for my NY trip to see you all :)

I'm a little scared you'll be all touriested out by the time I eventually come - although you do seem to be discovering the best places the longer you 'tourist', so I'm excited about that :)

xo Tammy

PS. I love Reubens I love NY shirt - since you ARE acting like tourists and all!