Sunday, April 19, 2009

Juror Number {a really big number}

I got a jury duty summons, for the day after Talyn and Kevin get here.

So, I read the fine print--because the large print said there was no way out for me--and got it postponed. I requested the second week of August, but I won't find out until closer to the date what I actually got. I figure if they push it back too far, going into labor at the courthouse will be a good option because I could get a ride to the hospital in a police car, which would probably be better than a taxi.


Mindy said...

I thought you could avoid it if you are a stay at home mom for some reason---see if there is a clause on you being the primary care provider for your child. I think that's how I missed it a few times...that and by the time they had it we moved. Yeah, maybe you can request a later date and then be moved by then.
Not like it's horrible to be a juror, it's our civic duty right, then why does it look so bad on "Runaway Jury"? I just know that if it were something huge I would NOT be able to sleep at night...and for you being pregnant you will need to take care of you.

Kourtney said...

I did jury duty nine months pregnant, and they actually put me on the jury-- I couldn't believe it! Luckily, the case was settled so we didn't have to see it all the way through but the experience was actually really fun.

Kevin said...

I'm curious to know - what did the fine print say?

julianee said...

Wow - I think they have been canvasing our area. I have it in a couple weeks. Two of my co-workers who also live locally have had jury duty already.