Friday, April 17, 2009

Another Sono of Simeon

I hit the half way mark, 20 weeks, and not counting yet. He is still a boy. He was in the fetal position (I know--shocking) and would not move, so we still have not had a satisfactory picture of his heart. He did wave to us, and has all the fingers he is supposed to.

They say I need to go to a specialist to get a picture of the heart. They say, "everything looks fine from what we can see, but we can't see much."

They measured his femur, said, "hummph," and asked how big Reuben was. When I said "9 lbs, 9 ozs. 21 inches" they said. "Oh." And then said I needed to come back in 4 weeks.

I'd almost question all the extra stuff, but from the very first appointment there has been extra stuff so I think it is just standard here. And the good news is my blood pressure is normal (not even high) which was our biggest worry with Reuben's pregnancy. Work must have really been unhealthy for me, thats what I have decided anyway.


Mindy said...

As long as someone is paying for it, some places will try to get you in as much as possible! If you can afford it though, it's almost just reassuring.
Good to hear everything is good!

Mick said...

Work is a horrible thing. Avoid it at all costs.

emilysuze said...

Yay for getting to seeing Simeon again! :)

Sandy M. said...

(I am green that you are 'blue, very blue', except that I am apparently still red. Hmphh!
YOU sound wonderful.)
I'm glad everything is going well with you and your baby!