Thursday, April 16, 2009

Brooklyn Bridge and Central Park

If you were in New York today I hope you went out. It was perfect, not for taking pictures-it was too sunny for that- but for walking. There was a nice breeze in the high 50s. (Sorry you guys in Utah with all your snow. *Evil laughter*.)

I thought Fall in Central Park was my favorite, but I changed my mind today. You need to get down there! It smells nice, its looks nice, it feels nice.

Even though I hate the cherry blossoms for what they do to my sinuses, eyes, and throat... I do love the look of those blossoms.

Its the end of Grammie and Pappie's visit. It was so nice to have them here. Reuben has loved the attention, and now notices when his underwear is on backwards, and is much better about washing his hands without being asked.

Can anyone name the tree with Reuben and Justin with the big pink and white flowers?


The Jones :) said...

You are not very nice :) When I saw the *EVIL LAUGHTER* I thought it would be something I could listen too...then when I clicked on it and it was MY blog...UGH...yeah we got SLAMMED today. yuck!!! Oh's almost all melted and gone now...gotta love Utah :) I'm glad you had a lovely day though...wish I could go "site" seeing with you!! Maybe someday!! Wouldn't that be fun!!!
Love you Phatty!!!

Mick said...


Mindy said...

I thought it was some type of magnolia too. I remember one being by Moon apts. at BYU if that helps, it's south of 800 North and about 300 East. Can't be more specific than that, it's been a while.

Sandy M. said...

Hi Brecken! Central Park looks beautiful - I love New York. And I love your photos. I never thought about sunny days not being the best on which to take photos! But I thought about it and you are absolutely right. Which makes it difficult down here in Oz, of course, where Queensland is: 'beautiful one day; perfect the next!'
Every day lately is perfect!

Lark said...

It is looking here as if they ice may go out sometime next week.

Lark said...

In the spring 30 years ago at BYU on the HBLL side of the Administration building you could enjoy blooming magnolia trees.

charrette said...

So jealous! We got more snow on Wednesday than we did in December! Psycho weather.

So refreshing to see the three of you out and about. Magnolias help too.

Happy Spring!

Anonymous said...

tulip magnolia