Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bedtime Story

I sat down to play a song on the piano from an Enya book that I have. Reuben asked what it was called and I said "Fairytale"--he said "what is it about?" so we made up a story that went something like this:

Once upon a time the princess and the ogre ran away from the dragon where they met Reuben and the pirate on the ocean. Deep under the water they found the treasure of golden letters. Then, they saved the Kingdom of Barney and went to the moon on a magic carpet where the fairy led them into the diamond mines of sparkling red (and the diamond mines floated because they were on the moon). After that came the scary warrior knights and they all escaped on their magic carpet to the Planet Saki where they found their favorite fruits buried deep in the jungle--cantaloupe, grapes, and bananas. They got tired after their snack and their mommy told them to brush their teeth and go to bed in the Cave of Goodnight Dreams...where they all slept happily ever after.

During the battle with the warrior knights we had a little Tocatta in Fugue by Bach, and a reprise of Fairytale to get them into the Cave of Goodnight Dreams. Reuben is now continuing his adventures sound asleep...

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Sandy M. said...

I love that the diamond mines floated because they were on the moon. And that they went to bed in the cave of goodnight dreams!

I was thinking this morning that I love to dream! It's like watching movies all night :)

How wonderful to have a piano!