Thursday, August 28, 2008

Romeo and Juliet

Now, when you think of Brazilian cuisine do you think of way too much meat, some seafood, and rice and beans? Nothing against that stuff, but it doesn't hit the top of my favorite foods list. But, because Justin wants me to love Brazil as much as he does he didn't let that be the extent of my taste of Brazil.

In Provo we found two authentic Brazilian places that offered more than meat and a strange salad bar, and there I found out I LOVE brazilian cuisine. My favorite are basically a fried pastry filled with all kinds of things. The meats were delicious, but my favorite is the Romeu e Julieta.

So, we came up with a way to fake it! We use spring roll wrappers! Its not as lovely as the authentic way but it works for us.

Fresh mozzarella sliced
Goiabada (Guava paste) sliced
Spring Roll Wrappers.
Oil for frying

Roll equal parts mozzarella and guayaba in wrappers, and fry like you would deep fry.


Tammy Lorna said...

I love the name :)

xo Tammy

Mindy said...

You mean you don't like Chujaskaria or however you spell it?! Yum!

Talyn said...

Which authentic places did you go in Provo? I want to love Brazilian food!

breckster said...

Brasil Brazil and Bon something.

They were both on university between provo and orem. one was where la carretta used to be, and the other was right across the street from DI where Stan's Diner used to be. They might have had to close down already... its been over a year!

Mindy said...

La Carreta is gone?! It was so good. The world needs more Peruvian food, and Brasilian. You could go into the restaurant business basically anywhere and make a good living I think just getting these "authentic" restaurantes set up.

breckster said...

La Carreta just moved to a much bigger much nicer building over by sizzler... at least that is where it was when we moved.

emilysuze said...

Wow, looks good. I must find guava paste somewhere out here...