Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dear Summer,

Thank you for trying to be kind to me this year. I'm sure you have felt the strain in our relationship the last few years. But after some thought, I think our relationship pit falls were a victim of circumstances, and I hope you understand that the mean things I said about you were out of frustration with how my life was changing, I don't think you have changed to cause any of my complaints. Thank you for sticking it out, and coming back this year.

My best memories that include you usually have something to do with extra family time, having dad home almost every day, and those long trips to the west to visit family. I loved those trips, especially when they included fresh-picked berries lovingly gathered by grandpa and washed and prepared by grandma. Remember the year when Uncle Hugh took my sisters and I on a sasquatch hunt and we saw him, and had to run screaming through the woods so he wouldn't chase us. And how much I wished I wasn't terrified of the zip line so I could have another turn? Remember the year I discovered I was allergic to cats while holding those little tiny kittens?

I had a hard time appreciating you in Utah. I think it was because Minnesota nice applied to you. I loved the green you brought, and if it ever did get too hot going to the beach always seemed to make me forget that it was uncomfortably hot. Do you think Reuben will ever have the pleasure of reading in the back yard only to be interrupted by a red fox passing through? Do you think he will sit in the living room and listen for the sounds of loons and Showboat coming in with the breeze?

My worst memories that include you usually have something to do with diminished family time, moving or extreme heat. Do you think I will ever recover from my dislike of macaroni and cheese caused by your visit while we were building the house? Day after day of macaroni and cheese, even if enjoyed in the screen porch can scar a person. To this day I don't know if I dislike it so much because I had to make it every day, or its the texture, or if it reminds me of suddenly growing up and having to do my part so my parents could paint, and tile, and finish our house (which was lovely but reminds me of Autumn, because that is when we finally moved there.)

I think even you would have to admit that the last few years weren't your best. Working full-time through a summer was pretty horrible. Having one sister in Fiji, one sister in Mexico, and one sister Minnesota while I was stuck in an office couldn't be twisted to be pleasant. Oh, and the commute.... why did you have to be so hot that my AC in the car couldn't even combat you! I love my visits to Grandma, and my parents but they came at a huge price. I will not forget the overwhelming feeling of despair while I had to wave goodbye to my over busy husband. I cried for a half hour waiting for my plane, wishing that my visit to Minnesota could have been under better circumstances. Last summer was pretty good...until the day before Justin left for New York.

So as we approach your departure, I just wanted to say thank you for this year. I may not have been able to go west, or even midwest, but I had Justin for a good portion of it, and it was the first year since I graduated that I wasn't working full-time. Thank you for nice weather while Courtlin was here so we could enjoy our time being summer tourists. I'll forgive you for those few stretches of unbearably hot weather, because for the most part you did a good job of keeping things pleasant. And even though I wished I could take Reuben swimming, the sprinklers did work out pretty well. I know that you didn't really leave until late November last year, but I just wanted to make sure that you know you can leave at anytime, I'm content with this visit, and will not look sourly upon it in the future.




Tammy Lorna said...

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring here. I'm very excited!

Be gone Winter! Be gone!

xo Tammy

Ms. Reasor said...

There you are Brecken. You're writing again.