Saturday, August 30, 2008

Corny as Kansas in August--5 Years Ago in Temple Square

I had spent the night before doing rain effects from a rooftop for a commercial shoot and didn't get home until 6am. As a result I was (a mere) 20 minutes late to meet Brecken at 8am that morning--she had to know what she was getting into :).

My sister Emily and her husband Nathan were visiting (sans children at the time)--and we went to Temple Square to play "tourist."

The code for operation proposal was the opening line to a famous old Broadway tune--"There's a bright golden haze on the meadow" (pronounced medder).

Emily and Nathan went off one way--I tugged Brecken off in the other direction. We made our way to a quaint little iron bench under a solitary tree and then I heard the words "wrong bench"--there was no fooling this one--I had to know what I was getting into :).

We settled into the right bench, a secluded nook almost completely shielded by a tree, which of course makes sense knowing whose special place it was.

She presented a poem with my name in calligraphy, and date, on it--I presented a ring which was bigger and sparklier than she could have imagined, but modest enough to be just right.

Can it be it was 5 years ago? Ups, downs, sideways, and loop-the-loops--time flies when you are having fun at the Cook Shack. I love you!


Tammy Lorna said...

Justin that's sweet :)

I wasn't there at Temple Square, but I was there for the engagement period, and it was so exciting to be a roomate/classmate part of your lives that winter :)

The 'wrong bench' part of your proposal story has always been my favourite part ;)

xo Tammy

PS. Five years?! That's SO scary!

Rachel said...

Yes! When I read Brecken's post, all I could think was, "I wonder if she'll mention it started off on the wrong bench?!?" I don't know how I remember all that so many years later, but I'm glad that I do.