Thursday, August 28, 2008

NieNie Day

NieNie (Stephanie Nielson) is a blogger that I have been reading ever since I found her a year ago. She is inspiring. She makes being a mother and wife look like art but still doable, and makes me want to relish in the wonderful things that being a mother is. I've never met her, although we have round about connections to her family. She wears aprons during the week, and hats to church. She is my age, and has 4 children.

She and her husband were in a horrible plane accident on Aug 16th. They are in for a very long, painful, and expensive recovery. The blogging world has shown their love by offering auctions to raise funds to help out this lovely lady and her family. DesignMom has some pretty amazing packages she is auctioning, and links to the other bloggers who are participating in this fund raising day.

Stephanie's sister, CJane, another blogger, is the official updater. If you need a lift, a renewal in your testimony of family and love, and heavenly aid in the face of tragedy I would encourage you to read a few of her entries. Be aware that it brings tears along with hope. The gospel light shines in this very worrisome time for their family, and the testimony they are sharing is a wonderful example.

Most of you probably aren't in a position where a monetary contribution is feasible, but I felt like it was important to pass this information along just in case. The family is very clear that prayers are all they expect.

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