Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Oh, Perfect!

Reuben was drawing. I heard him say "Oh, Perfect! Per-fect!" He then showed me his picture of Grandma and Grandpa. I gave him another piece of paper.

Same thing, "Per-fect!" Then I turned to look at him and saw this:
Tammy mentioned that I hadn't posted a video in a while. I hope these really show how "little boy" he is, and how much he has changed in the last few months.


Talyn said...

I love this one!

Courtlin said...

He is talking like he is really tired. And it is hilarious!

Caroline said...

HAHAHAHA! We miss you guys. That was hillarious.

Chad said...

That was so fun to watch him draw right on himself in the video. Sometimes you just gotta sit back and let them be kids. How fun!

The Jones :) said...

That is hilarious...he's pretty proud of his "cat face" huh!! I love that you just let him keep coloring on his must've been laughing or something, judging by his reaction!!! Too funny!!
-Becki :)

emilysuze said...

He's too cute!