Monday, August 11, 2008

Wishes He Were Rich

When Justin gets rich he has many things he wants to try out. The Plaza Hotel, and a shopping spree at an apple store are just two of them.

When Reuben gets rich he wants a really big piano, or maybe a really small piano (and a frog to play for, he really does work better when he has a captive audience.)

Remember when we went to DC? Well, our DC hosts came up for a quick weekend. We went to times square, to the Apple Store and FAO then down to Little Italy for some real live authentic pizza (it was very Delicious, with a capital D.) We went to Da Nico, because it smelled good, and we figured that had to be a good sign. We were right. And they had room to accommodate strollers, and they filled up our water like crazy!

And then, the adults went to Mary Poppins. That is how much I loved it! I went again 2 weeks later. We didn't get to see Ashley Brown, which allowed me to appreciate Bert (Gavin Lee) a little more. Justin liked it better the second time, and I left thinking that it might just be my favorite musical. I'm going to try to teach Reuben Supercalifr...ous, but I have to learn how to spell it first.


Gayle said...

That's the coolest picture catching Reuben in mid-air on the piano!

Mindy said...

I like seeing all your adventures. I'll most likely never be in NY so I appreciate the pics.

Tammy Lorna said...

Brecken - just so long as you guys don't get SICK of taking tourists around New York, because I CAN'T WAIT :)
I do realize though (reading your blog) that when I DO come, I'll have to stay for at least a month because I want to do EVERYTHING I've ever SEEN you do on your blog :)

Most of all, I want to spend at least a week just sitting and talking and talking and talking and talking!

xo Tammy

PS. Loved the frog audience :) And don't worry Reuben, I get the whole 'perform better when you've got an audience thing'... so does your father :)