Sunday, July 13, 2008

Released From Nursery

I was released from Nursery today. (The church class for 18 month to 3 years olds.)

I was called to be a counselor in the Primary. Primary is the program for all the children under the age of 12. This will be a particularly interesting adventure, with challenges that you could only find in New York. I'm very comfortable with children under the age of 5, but older than that I'm a little nervous of. I look forward to getting to know these children, and hope that I can help them learn and grow. And I hope that they can help me stay child-like.


Jed and Kate said...

Whoa! I did NOT expect that! We'll have to talk all about it on Sunday if you guys will be in town. Crazy!

emilysuze said...

Sounds like a fun position to hold and one that will always be interesting! You now get to help out with the Primary presentation which is too cool! :)

Have fun and keep us updated on how the new calling goes!

charrette said...

I think you'll love primary.
(Just another uncanny thing we have in common -- that's MY calling right now too! )

My favourite part is the wacky (and often strangely profound) comments the little ones make. And I love teaching them scripture stories.

You'll be great!

Tammy Lorna said...

Oh dear. Once again my opinion differs from everone else's! Primary callings are my 'trial of faith' callings! I realize this makes me un-childlike and is very natural man of me! But actually Nursery callings are my most difficult callings, so I guess it's getting better for you :) (I'm so evil!)
Having said that! I realize that there are people who LOVE primary callings, and I also know that the couple of times I've been stuck, I mean positioned, in primary, I've beel a little bit sad when I got released. So if you're not 100% happy to be there now - I'm sure you will be soon.
And besides all of the above (which was probably not so encouraging - sorry about that!), I know you'll be absolutly fantastic as a member of the primary presidency. You do a wonderful job in every calling you do, and I know you'll be a huge asset in the presidency :)

Love you lots and lots, and really hope this new calling brings you lots of joy :)
xo Tammy

PS. It's important that you and your readers realize that I don't hate children.... I just prefer certain children (aka. mine, Reuben, other close friends) rather than 40 children at once, and during Relief Society time... :)

PPS. Wait for it. My next blog is bound to announce my own call into primary... *sigh* ;)