Saturday, July 12, 2008

Death Count

Just yesterday we caught
1 mouse at the front door
3 mice by the holes in the wall in the kitchen
1 mice near the door to the kitchen

Reuben discovered a mouse on a trap, "A mouse is sleeping!" He calls the mouse traps "a mouse" so I went to check it out, and sure enough, there was a mouse stuck to the glue.


Jed and Kate said...

Oh my goodness! 5 in ONE day! Ewww!!!

New York Nelsons said...

wow.. I have never seen it that bad.. I am sorry.. I hope there wasn't one in your toaster! And, yes, congratulations on getting released from Nursury. You survived!

charrette said...

Just be thankful they're not RATS! Eeew!

Welcome to the big city...

p.s. the first three letters of your word verification below just spelled EEk! (How Freudian is that?)

Tammy Lorna said...

Yay! Everyone else is feeling sorry for you, but I think we should all be celebrating! 5 dead mice where there were once 5 live ones!

Congratulations :)

xo Tammy