Monday, July 14, 2008

I knit a sweater!

It was like three months ago, but I hadn't felt motivated to post it. Talyn knew I was doing it and is currently working on the same pattern. So, when I was babysitting for a friend I seized my chance.

The pattern is here. I did it without the hood (I think Talyn is doing the hood.)

I've been working on an afghan. Its almost finished, but its too big to work on while it is so hot because there is no way to keep it off of my lap.


Morgan said...

Wow, you have quite the talent! I have attempted to knit in the past and it has always ended ugly. That is a great color orange!

The Jones :) said...

Phatty...that is SUCH a CUTE sweater!! You are so talented...I like that color bright and happy like!! Good job!!
-Becki :)

Taryn said...

I'm very impressed!

Tammy Lorna said...

I'm impressed too! Very cute!

But I'm concerned about the colour of Reuben's leg in this photo.... is it okay? Maybe it's just the light....

xo Tammy