Sunday, July 27, 2008

Courtlin Loves the N and the 4 Train

Courtlin and I went down to try for Wicked tickets, didn't win, so we went over to the Hairspray theater to find out about their cheap tickets (they do a lottery, and they have student rush tickets on tues, wed, thurs). Then we went to get Mary Poppins tickets, because they have 30 dollar tickets. We were lucky and got three right by each other, and none of them were "partially obstructed views."

We went to Madison Square Park, where Justin and Reuben were going to meet us. We got in the Shack Shake line, it was a long wait, but it was so worth it. But, it was well worth the wait (unlike some other lines we have waited in.) They have this breaded and fried mushroom that has melted cheese in it. IT IS SO DELICIOUS! And, I got the Hopscotch shake, and was not disappointed, Courtlin and Justin got the "Shack Attack" and weren't as pleased with theirs. I will most definitely be waiting in that line again, because it was the best fries and burger I have had since we moved here (and I order fries and burgers a lot.)

Then it was off to Brooklyn to walk across the bridge. We got to see some of the waterfalls
And some sunbeams pointing down that the statue of liberty. It was a lovely walk. We headed home so we could have Reuben ready to drop off at some friend's so we could go to Mary Poppins. In the Times Square terminal we found a really great band playing and stopped to listen to them for about 15 minutes (that was how good they were.)

Do you like Justin's Shirt? He got it at H&M for 10 bucks instead of buying the silly sunglasses.


Tammy Lorna said...

Oh! SO jealous! Mary Poppins sounds wonderful! Did Bert pull is pants down and do the penguin dance?!

And I want to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge too. Maybe we could even jump off the top into a time-continum gateway (I thought Meg Ryan looked uptight and old in that movie...)

And go the cool subway band and Justin's new Shirt.

Courtlin - glad you see you having so much fun! you look great by the way :)

xo Tammy

Tammy Lorna said...

By the way, when I come to visit, we're so riding the A Train and listening to Duke Ellington!

xo Tammy

Matt, Rachel, and Madden said...

So fun! It looks like you had a blast! I love when sisters come to visit!

Kevin said...

Nice shirt! Don't you love H&M? They should bring them out west.

Kevin said...

Hmmm...turns out that H&M is in about half of the states and provinces... They should bring H&M to Utah.