Friday, July 25, 2008

Wolfgang Puck, TV Appearance, St. Patrick's, H&M, Wolfgang Puck

As part of our tourist experience we carefully selected our TV appearance. We decided on GMA because they were having a Feist "concert" today. Everywhere I read said we needed to be there at 7 AM, so we woke up way too early, and made it down to Bryant Park by 7. Turned out we didn't need to be there that early (at least today.)

We found a spot where we could have the stroller by us and people wouldn't have a reason to complain, so we were right by the fence on the food set-up. A man walked by in a blue shirt holding a chef's uniform. He said, "I'm going to squeeze past you guys." So I moved the stroller so he could open up the fence thing and walk by.

Then I looked over to the food set up when Courtlin was calling mom and dad to tell them to watch for us, and I recognized him... Wolfgang Puck! How funny was it that he walked right buy us and I didn't recognize him until he was in uniform. Courtlin and Justin did not know Wolfgang Puck, so I was kind of alone in feeling silly for not realizing who he was.

It was a little too early for Reuben. He kept asking to go home, and wasn't too keen on getting out of the stroller. But we did get a few smiles out of him, and he waved to the camera every time it pointed to us.

We walked up to St. Patrick's Cathedral, and went to Rockefeller Plaza, and then H&M. We headed over to Gershwin Theater to find out that there is not a friday matinee. And then over to FAO Schwartz. Where, of course,the big piano is a high light. (They moved it, so we were a little scared about that for a while... until we found it in a much better location in the store.) Courtlin saw big huge stuffed animals she wanted. Reuben saw lots of things he "needed." (He never says "want" it is always a "need" with him.) Then we went to the elevator to go down. Two man in blue shirts and suit coats got into the elevator with us... and one of them was Wolfgang Puck. So there were 6 of us in the elevator. Justin and Courtlin were talking about jaw breakers, Reuben and I were looking at Chef Puck. And Chef Puck and the other man were deciding what they would do next, they decided on "going over to some of the restaurants." It was really cool! Courtlin wanted me to say something to him, I didn't because I didn't know how to address him.

We walked over to central park and listened to a do-wop band, and then took the bus home. We were POOPED. Courtlin and Reuben slept on the bus. It was pretty crowded, and we took the M4 instead of M5 because all those one way streets make it hard to find the M5 going our direction. We had been out for 9 hours so didn't feel bad having Pizza delivered and calling it a night.


sallysue said...

I love ugly betty! I can't believe there's a Madame Alexander doll of her.
And, I'm glad you are having fun with your sister.

charrette said...

This stuff really makes me miss life in the big city. Feist? And Wolfgang Puck? I'm so jealous!

Tammy Lorna said...

Sorry Brecken :( I don't know who Wolfgang Puck is, but I DO think it's funny that you were that close to him twice in one day! And it sounds like you had a truely fabulous day! I'll start making notes for things I want to do when I finally visit. How long are you in NY for again?!

xo Tammy

Ms. Reasor said...

Hey! I ate at that guy's restaurant once.

emilysuze said...

Sounds like a great adventure! :) Must be fun living in a city with so much!

Klous Family said...

Hey there! Me and Andy always watch GMA before he goes to work...must have missed that morning. How funny would that have been for us to see you guys on t.v.!! Sounds like you are having lots of fun with Courtlin. Giving her the true NY experience! Thats awesome!
Thank you for your comment on my blog a while back...You were right on with what you said and that was an awesome reminder for me!
Anna Klous :)

Kevin said...

I have to go see that big piano when we visit!