Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Home Sick

Today I spent some time searching online for some beach-like quietness that we could escape to for a day. All I found is that you have to have a car to get to the quiet beaches, or the secluded lakes, they are here...but not accessible to the public trans reliant family.

Most of what I found said Coney Island is the best beach for children. I have my doubts, especially because what I really desire is found at the left. Justin took this photo during his first sunset at my bay. "My" meaning you have to walk a block and a half to get there, but its one of the first things I think of when I get home sick.

Sunday afternoon walks to the bay, where we had to sit quietly, or go far away as to not disturb the peace. Where we just sat and sometimes talked. Where it was always a treat if we saw a fish jump, or a loon, or a family of ducks.

I have a feeling Coney Island is just not going to do that for me. So, New Yorkers I need your help. Where do I go?

And for Justin, where is the best place to see the ocean around here? He has gone his whole life without seeing it, and its about time he sees it. I've read good things about Staten Island's Midland Beach, but the pictures don't make it look very oceany... just boardwalky.

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Mindy said...

I'll be home for a month. You should come visit me!