Monday, June 16, 2008

Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

We went to see Prince Caspian on Friday. We both really enjoyed it. It is a war movie, but a great adaptation and true to the themes and challenges of the novel. (I always think movies should be movies and books should be books, so an adaptation that is true to the book but makes a really boring movie is not worth watching, no matter how good the book is.)

It was beautiful. The production value seemed to be a bit better than the last one (which was beautiful as well.) The interpretation and elaboration on the novel was very imaginative and lovely. So, even though there was constant fighting it looked very pleasant. The editing in the fight sequences did a very good job of keeping it PG, but elevating the suspense.

Justin liked how the Talmarine's had an accent. I liked how tyrannical and evil they made Miraz.

I did have one complaint, I didn't like the imposed character arch on Peter. They made him more prideful and unappealing than he is in the novel. It does create more conflict, but I had a hard time liking him. And, I think I should be able to like the High King.

I did think that he Regina Spektor song started too early, I think its a lovely song, but it took me out of the movie too early. I think it should have been a credits song, Justin thinks it might have worked over the subway scene.


Talyn said...

Does this mean Justin got a job?

breckster said...

nope. It meant he had two good interviews, but it was out of his control for those two jobs.

He is considering working at the movie theater.

Creole Wisdom said...

I've really wanted to see that, so thanks for the push-

And that's so cool that you lived in MN. Is it not the best?!?!? : ) And I've spent time in NY, too.

Kourtney said...

Cool-- I've been dying to see it. Where did you go?