Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

The day we got back to Utah after we got married, we walked into our strange new apartment on Center Street, with our boxes piled all around because we didn't try to set up our apartment before we left to get married. We had set up the card table, because that is where we ate when we moved in. I made my way to that card table, and sat there, exhausted from the wedding week, and that days travels.

I think I looked at the mail, and saw bills addressed to me and my new husband. I started to cry and cry. Justin, not used to having a wife, let alone a crying one rushed to my side and asked what was wrong. And, me not used to having a husband said, "I just don't know if you can take care of me as good as my dad did." He said something to the effect of "You should let me try."

So, Dad, thank you for taking such good care of me for all those years...and still.
And, Justin, thank you for proving that you can take great care of me, and our family.

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charrette said...

There's no better way to feel loved and blessed than to have a terrific dad and a wonderful husband.

--oh, yeah, and Reuben was one of the most beautiful newborns I've ever seen.