Thursday, June 19, 2008

Day Out

This morning we went to Madison Square Park for the kid concert (Bubbles play the Beatles.) I think I might have enjoyed it more than Reuben did, he didn't start dancing until the band had stopped playing.

We went down to Chinatown to look around, I didn't take the camera out of the bag because I have this thing about looking like a tourist in places where people try to sell you stuff. But, it turns out they try to sell you stuff anyway, even if you look like you live here.

I thought it was funny that the men would shout at me designer bag names, like I was going to go down their shady alley to their store. I just never have been one for brand names, and unless the bag will also work as a diaper bag its just not the time of my life to be carrying a designer handbag...even if it came from chinatown.

We decided to go to a park that Reub could play at so on our way home we stopped at Dinosaur park. And we took our favorite walk home among the trees of Riverside.

It was a lovely day... now we all need a nap.

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