Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Poems by Brecken Reasor (Cook)

We had a poetry reading at enrichment tonight. I had to go even though I would have to take Reuben because I feel poetry might be one of those things I should be keeping up on but haven't been.

And here, for you sisters who were curious enough to search, poems, by me.


He's shaving on the way to class,
What brought him to this state?
I chuckle as I see him pass,
And notice that I'm also late.

He hit the snooze too many times.
His roommate had the shower.
He spent hours figuring primes,
Then raising them to the fifth power.

I had a fight about who was wrong,
Then swept the kitchen floor.
My sister and I played ping pong--
I couldn't win, so begged for more.

He listened to his girlfriend cry
About her bad hair day.
He met each problem with a sigh.
Girls like that have nothing to say.

He's shaving on the way to class,
At first I thought him weird,
But he's just one of us. Alas,
I bet he'd look good in a beard.



There is so much rain
a waterfall forms
bringing the storm
to my window pane.



lane said...

You read my mind! I totally looked up your poems...and found them in about two seconds.

Love the last line of the shaving poem! Thanks for sharing.

Kourtney said...

Thanks for posting these; they're great! Send them to Rebecca so they're included in the collection!