Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My son has turned into "that kid"

Something clicked in Reuben, and he has turned into the kind of child you call "that kid." This is very disappointing to me because I thought part of the sweet angelic boy who used to be was due to me.

He is now the run-in-circles-screaming-climbing-on-chairs-and-jumping-off-so-he-can-wrestle-the-bigger-kid- to-the-ground kid in nursery.

If he can crush or crumble food he will do that instead of eat it. Crackers, chips, muffins, cupcakes, granola bars, bread, tortillas, you name it. And its not controlled crumble, it is a crumb/throw process. He's filling my vacuum faster than I can empty it.

He loves to scatter things. So if I have a pile, it soon turns into all over the room.

And tonight, on the way home from enrichment, he was begging for water, so I gave him my water bottle. I gave him a drink, then put the lid back on and let him hold it. That was my first mistake. My second mistake was taking the lid off so he could give himself another drink. After two stops he threw the open half full bottle at a man who was reading. I was so embarrassed, and even more embarrassed when the man got off at the same stop as us.

I guess it had to come sooner or later. I hope it is just a phase and we can time-out him out of it.


Jessica said...

I spent a bit more than my share of time as "that kid", and look how perfectly I turned out. Just kidding. I think every kid goes through phases like that though. Just don't forget to breathe and hang in there!

Mindy said...

Let me know what kind of solutions you come up with. Henry will be 2 in June and has been doing the same thing. Some days are better than others. We start to call him a menace or destructo (which we shouldn't even if it's just in our head).
One thing I've learned though is that Henry will eat if he is really hungry. As soon as he is not, he starts crumbling, mushing, throwing his food all over the place. Take it away as soon as he's done and he learns that if he wants to eat he needs to be partially civilized, not and he doesn't eat. He'll catch on.
Scattering toys or whatever, I can't figure that one out so let me know. It's almost like he goes around looking for something to knock over, pick on someone to get a reaction or whatever. One day I watched him go to the book shelf and pull out ALL the books as fast as he could. Drove me nuts. Good luck.

The Jones :) said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has "THAT KID"...Klous is to this "phase" as well...or so I hope that's all it is...but he's more of a screamer, thrower, hitter, and it's ALWAYS in public. Ryan & I are getting embarrassed to bring him anywhere...when you figure out how to deal with it...will you let me know!! Can't be too mean...they're to ocute huh!!
-Becki :)