Wednesday, April 30, 2008


A short documentary that Justin made during his undergrad will be airing on BYU TV. It will be on Wed, 4/30 at 9 PM Mountain Time (and a few more times in may). The show is called First Look-Documentaries: Artists and Artisans.

And guess what, you can watch it online! Are you so excited? To watch it online click here around the time it will be airing, and if you are late you can navigate to watch what you missed, but you can't watch it before it airs.

Even if you saw it already, there is a new short wrap around that Justin and Jed did a couple weekends ago. And plus wouldn't it be fun to see Justin and his hard work on TV (or streaming online, although TV would be cooler.)

***More about the episode here***


The Waters said...

It looks like they are doing capoiera. I had good friends in Colorado who owned a capoeira studio. DO you know who the people in the photo are? Charissa

breckster said...

Good eye! It is about a couple in Colorado who own a capoeira studio.

Lark said...

We enjoyed the introduction. What was R. crying about?

The Documentaries was as good as it was the first time we saw it.

Erika Hill said...

Is this the same version of the documentary that screened at final cut? I seem to remember it differently--I felt more of a connection to it this time. Maybe I was young and dumb the first time I saw it, and now I'm young and less dumb. At any rate, I really enjoyed it! I also liked the wrap around way better than the traditional First Look conversations. :)

Justin said...

Thanks Erika--it actually is the very same version that screened at Final Cut in Fall 2005 (seems like just yesterday in some ways). I am glad you felt a greater connection to it. I have a longer version that is not quite a good length for the BYU-B folks (it's around 30 minutes)--and it goes a little deeper into personal faith and challenges, etc. I felt this version glossed a bit in some ways, but the subject, Capoeira and spirituality--is volumes deep as I realized--and mentioned in the wraparound. I felt a little uncertain of which direction I wanted to take it--was it categorical or rhetorical--or a bit of both (thank you Bordwell and Thompson) and how much to my subjects want to be poked and prodded? ...and so on...It was a learning experience as it was intended to be. I am glad it got to be presented in this venue and I hope it piqued interest in Capoeira and inspired passion for what people love.