Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Positive Reinforcement

So, Reuben used the potty again, so we decided to start a rewards system. Every time he wets in the potty he gets to put a sticker on his potty paper.
He's been asking all day for one, and so we go and sit on the potty, and I color with him afterward, but he wasn't thrilled he wasn't getting stickers... then tonight he earned another sticker.
We are a long way off, so I have another box of diapers... but maybe this will be the last box of diapers... a mother can hope.


Morgan said...

Potty training...not one of my favorites!

Mindy said...

You can hope in one hand, and he can poop in his diaper and you see which one gets filled first. But, I hope I'm wrong...good luck.

Talyn said...

He is so excited! Makes me wish I had succumbed to all of the sticker reinforcement techniques employed by my coworkers.

Tammy said...

Hah! I just made myself a sticker chart the other day :) But it wasn't for potty training.... :)

I've always been a charts and stickers person! Everytime I want to break a bad habit, or start a good habit, out come the charts!

xo Tammy

The Jones :) said...

Good luck with that potty training stuff!! I don't look forward to it!! I had to laugh though that the box of diapers is size 4...that's what Klous wears too!! :) LOL :)
-becki ;)