Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bye, Doctor.

The staples are out. They have a little pliers like thing, it pushes the middle and pulls the edges up. The only thing that hurt Reuben was trying to get the last one out of his hair. So, we haven't tried to look at it, the hair is till matted down.

Justin has the flu (not the throw up kind, the fever ache sick kind). So I got a flu shot in hopes that he hasn't passed it to me yet. Reuben got his flu shot last month, but he is showing signs of a fever tonight.

As we were leaving the office, Reuben yelled, "BYE, DOCTOR!"

And we went to get a library card while we waited for the prescription. I checked out two knitting books for the patterns, and will have fun looking at the pictures, and might try to do a two.

Justin was looking at our Netflix history. We've gotten an average of 11 movies a month since we've lived in New York. In Utah we had Netflix for two years and got a total of 80 movies (and they didn't have the watch it now thing then).

I think I am going to melt some cheese on tortillas for a snack. I wish I had chicken, and peppers for a quessidilla, but I'll try to make due.

Oh, and, we weren't it Times Square at 3 am this morning.


Courtlin said...

what is this about time square?

Tammy said...

yeah. What happened?

breckster said...

A guy on a bike left a bomb in front of the Times Square recruiting center. It exploded in the very early morning. No one was hurt, but several senators got manila envelops with a manifesto against the war, and a "We did it."

I know, not very exciting, which I think is great.

breckster said...

Okay, the news last night spoke too soon... you can read more here about how even more unexciting the explosion was. (once again, I'm glad it was unexciting.);_ylt=AkmieoFY8hQoKPn.sSGw.Gus0NUE