Wednesday, March 5, 2008

wanna see my summersault?

This might only be entertaining to my family who know about the summersault home video, or you might just be amazed at our 2 year old's developmental achievements. This was taken a couple weeks ago (before the haircut, and the staples.)

The train thing was going to be an easter present, but he saw that... so we are saving the bubbles for easter.


Talyn said...

He can definately do a somersault better than I can. Although for a class at BYU I had to learn to do a backwards somersault, which I did. I can do anything if a grade is involved.

Jessica said...

That's almost as amusing as watching me trying to do a cartwheel. It gave me a good laugh.

The Jones :) said...

That was cute...but I must say my favorite part was what Justin said at the end..."watch out for your don't want them to get "SQUARSHED" :) It made me laugh...and miss you guys!!!
-Becki :)

Tammy said...

So cute! I always forget how big he's getting! To me he's still the baby I loved to hold.

xo Tammy