Saturday, January 12, 2008

New found love for New Mexico

I am a Minnesota girl. I like lakes and rivers (with water in them), and tall trees, and GREEN, and fresh crisp cool air, I like hotdish and think ketchup is spicy enough.

I think it has always hurt Justin's feelings a bit that I don't love his home. I made fun of his river because it didn't have any water in it, and I made fun of his short spiky bushes, and I made fun of the brown, and the hot dry air, and the fact that the main ingredient in New Mexican food is Green Chili, (and don't believe a New Mexican when they tell you green chili is mild).

I have a confession to make (mostly to Jessica, Gayle, and Tammy). I think I might like New Mexico. Hear me out, it still has all of my previous complaints, but there is SPACE here, and people don't have their hand on your butt on the subway, and there is sky here, and sun here (instead of tall buildings.) And there is affordable stores, and room for two carts to pass in the aisle at the store.

Are you shocked? I know, I was too. I'm so excited to have a whole 'nother week here! Sorry NYC, I don't know that I will ever go someplace that I dislike more than you and find out that I actually might have things that I like about you. (I can dream.)


Jessica said...

Hee hee hee. I have to say that I agree with you. Having been to New York, I don't think you could pay me enough to live there, and unlike you, I do like hot food, so that part of New Mexico wouldn't be so bad. I still wouldn't want to live there though. I'm actually starting to appreciate Utah. How scary is that?

Morgan said...

That's funny...I too throughly enjoy green...and a lot of it. How did you and your husband meet?

Lisa Brown said...

Space is one of my favorite things about the desert. But I am a desert girl, born and raised, and living in Georgia, I can't get used to all the rivers and trees - and that you can't see anthing because it is so flat :).

Tammy said...

Okay, so I fell off my seat when I read the title of this post, then I started to feel guilty when I read 'it has always hurt Justin's feelings a bit that I don't love his home' because, let's face it, my affectionate nickname of 'hell' for justin's home has probably hurt his feelings a little bit too - sorry Justin! Then, as I read a bit more, I realized I understand :) When I first moved to Utah, I found it really hard - I live in the tropics here, and I love the ocean and the rainforest and GREENERY! And of course in utah, I got the desert! BUT, now that I'm back in the tropical paradise that is Queensland, I find myself missing all of that desert - it has a beauty all of it's own that I think something deep down in my sould fell in love with. And those moutains! My heart aches for them sometimes! :)
SO. If you decide you love New Mexico, I think I can leave with that. haha!
I can't, of course, understand how you can hate NY - because I'm so very sure I'll love it - but either way, I'm glad you're having a lovely break.
(But just think, once you get back to NY, you can start taking those NY pictures I love seeing so much! Won't that make the trip home worth it?!)

Love you girl!
xo Tammy

PS. How are YOU justin! You need to write a post too sometime!