Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy things will come to you all year.

Reuben is TWO!

We had a very nice party (thanks to Grammie). I made a Lightning McQueen and a Mater Cake, and Grammie found some really cool Cars wrapping paper, party hats, plates and napkins. Reuben recognized "Caahs." And even though things were a little scetchy (he woke up crabby from his nap) he mellowed out and seemed to enjoy the evening.

Reuben blew out both candles, and did it when we were done singing the whole Reasor birthday song. (I'm glad Justin supports that tradition, it just seems to drag out a birthday enough to the point where you feel like it is actually a birthday.)

He proves, yet again, to be a smart cookie. He got a Curious George bath set thing (it was on sale at target for really cheap. He opened the back first, and then saw the yellow and red writing (no pictures) and he said, "GEORGE!" (He slept with the george part of it last night, so we are going to use it as a puppet instead of a bath scrubber.)

I have photos, but do not want to spend the day loading them (I'm on dial-up here.) I will load them soon, I just wanted to make sure you knew how his day went.


The Jones :) said...

What's the Reasor birthday song??? I'm glad he had a good day...and that you guys are having fun!!
-Becki :)

Tammy said...

How Fun!
I'm glad he mellowed out enough to enjoy it :)

xo Tammy